Term 1 2013 Research Project: A World of Difference

Reflection and Report

Make a list of the most important things you learnt:

One of the most of important things I learnt was how to use cue cards properly. In the past I was told to just cut each paragraph of your presentation out and read aloud. To correctly use cue cards you jot down main points and if numbers are mentioned you write them down also.

Here is an example of what I mean: “Milly was so worried about her cat and was shaking rapidly” On a cue card you would write: Milly, worried, cat, shaking. You have to try and keep your cue cards as minimal as possible because they are only a prompt.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?:

Before I did this project I didn’t know many research and gathering information skills but know I have learnt more such as grouping the information in sutible areas, in this project as a class we selected five key areas they where: economy, culture, enviroment, politics/history and geography/climate. We then expanded on the areas and added topics to include when writing the project. I will definately use this skill in the future.

What or who helped you?:

I was mainly helped by a number of internet sites, the main one-

was written by someone who was born and grew up in Laos and now lives there. When writing I asked for my family to proofread my presentation and if I was confused I would ask for there understanding. The lessons at school about how to use a gathering grid (which was very helpful), note taking skills and how to organise your information on to different topic areas.

Three Facts I really found interesting and suprising about Laos where:

  • Laos has a important bridge called the”Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge”.
  • 85% of the population is employed for agriculture needs.
  • That the Western Black Crested Gibbon is extermely globally endagered and there is less than 1,400 individulas left in the world and it is in Laos’s fauna.

Two understandings I have made are:

  • That the “Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge” was built to help connect the two countries and make it easier to transport export and import items.
  • “Vang Vein” is so popular with tourists in the dry season because of the the mountains and cliffs for rock climbing.

One wondering I still have is:

  • Why did Laos choose to have no official religion…

I really enjoyed learning about my chosen country, Laos and learning many valuble skills along the way and I feel I got alot out of this project!

Grace on Laos.docx by leesclassroom



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