BTN – Eureka Stockade

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On the 3rd of December this year it was the anniversary of the famous Australian history event – the Eureka Stockade. The Eureka Stockade was a fight between miners, police and soldiers in Ballarat, Victoria at a mining camp.

The fight was caused by miners wanting to have a there own rights and democracy on the mining fields and get rid of the silly rule to have a mining licence. The rebellion involved hundreds of thousands of miners burning their licences and raising their very own flag, the start of the Australian flag with the Eureka star. Soon after, the battle began, the miners had built a wooden stockade in the camp and where ready for battle. Even though it was a short battle, 22 miners and 8 soldiers ended up dying.

The rebellion is well and truly over now but the location of the Eureka Stockade now holds Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill, a renactment  of the past  based on 1850 gold rush and Eureka Stockade. Its a great place for camps and excursions as the kids in the video explained. You get to be fully hands on and live the strict life of a child from that period, going to school and playing games are just some of the highlights.

Some people say that the Eureka Stockade was a very important step for Australian democracy and our its one of our history’s most dramatic events. What do you think?

BTN – Toy Story

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You may not know that there has been lots of thought on how many leading toy shops are making an obvious  differences between toys meant for boys and toys meant for girls. Usually, girls toys are pink while boys are blue and toy shops have areas just meant for each gender, but some people believe this is not right though because every child is different – and they like different toys as well. Among these people is 4 year-old Riley she thinks toy stores are tricking costumers by colouring girls toys in pink and boys toys in blue, even companies have just decided to group girls toys with beauty, fashion, housecleaning while boys toys are grouped with building stuff, fixing, fighting and even saving the world.

Around the world toy shops are stating to make there toys more unisex and just mix all the toys together without separate areas for boys and girls. Some Australian mums have even started campaigning to make the change happen in Australia as well.

Many people have lots of different opinions on this, some even just don’t care because its just child play if you think about it.

 What do you think? I would love to know so please comment your opinions and feel free to share!

By Gracie 🙂

BTN – Mime

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You may have used your imagination to pretend something was there when it’s not a few times without realising what your actually doing; its called miming. It involves using gestures, facial expressions and movements to tell a story without making a single sound. Mime means ‘to imitate’ in ancient Greek, and it is one of the earliest forms of drama. Usually, to make their expressions more noticeable, a mime will often dress in plain black and white coloured clothing and paint their face white like a mask with black lines over their eyes. A globally famous mime, Marcel Marceau was a French actor that even started his own mime school in around the 1940s.

Jen Mandes is a lady that has been a mime artist for more than 20 years, and she teaches it to kids. She says that two points are that you have to be very, very fit and  totally concentrated. This is because some of the things are really hard work like climbing up stairs or running, you have to run on the spot and this involves practising a good technique.

Although miming may take up a lot of your concentration, it gives you alot more self confidence, can be done anywhere anytime and it is a great and interesting way to express yourself!

By Gracie:)

BTN – Green Art

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Recycling is extremely important because it helps keep our environment healthy, but did you know it can turn out to be creative too?  If you had a bunch of old unwanted tapes and you really just didn’t know what to do with them, has the idea of knitting, crocheting or weaving with them and making them into a hat ever came into your mind? it may sound unusual but people like Evelyn Roth, an artist from Canada has being doing this all her life. She makes bouncing mats, hats, bags, clothing, tea cosies, outfits and much more out of old tapes from cassettes!

Evelyn Roth

 She now lives in Australia and loves teaching kids how to use old tapes that would otherwise been thrown out to make interesting and unique items. But of course how do you make a pile of old tapes into a crocheted bag? It starts with smashing open the tape by using a hammer until you get the tape to just fall out into your hands. You are then ready to crochet which involves a lot of looping and to help you can even use crochet hooks to speed up the long but worthwhile process.

So if your looking for something a bit different to do, pick up some old tapes and let your creative imagination go wild!

By Gracie:)

BTN – German Dancers

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The “Bund Der Bayern” dance group can spin, kick and slap and they can even play music with cow bells. This year they were involved in the “Oktoberfest” celebrations in Australia. They perform a traditional German folk dance called Schuhplattler which means ‘shoe slapping’ and its originally from a place in Germany called Bavaria. It involves both girls and boys to have strong legs and hands so when they slap it makes the right sound. Girls wear Bavarian outfits while boys wear leather costumes called Lederhosen.

These guys don’t only dance but they play music too – by ringing cow bells! The bells are made from brass and used to be worn by cows so their owners could easily locate where they would be on a piece of land. The bells that these dancers use are specially tuned though, so that all 13 bells make a different sound and can be played to make a tune.

The group is  currently saving up at the moment so that they could maybe take a trip to Germany next year to learn about the culture of the country, meet other dance groups and to show what they can do. So hopefully the Bund Der Bayern dance group can dance and bell ring themselves there!


By Gracie:)

BTN – Young Umpire

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Umpires may not be the ones you take the most notice of when watching a game of sport, but they turn out to be just as important as the players; because if there’s no umpires, there’s no game! Eleni is a young umpire who has recently become the first girl to field umpire at an SANFL league game, so the jobs certainty not only for males. She says that she loves umpiring because she can get involved with football and also it’s great for your fitness. Eleni explained that the extra pocket money is really good and some of the very best umpires are earning around 150,000 dollars per season, so it’s a career for many. The boss of alf umpiring, Jeff Gieschen has even spoken to Eleni and says that she is on the very start of her journey and he hopes she will continue achieving high.

In this video Eleni also shows the reporter how to do one of the most challenging jobs in umpiring, how to bounce the ball. She says that “the main thing is to have a nice firm grip of the ball, everyone has a different grip, me I like my thumbs going down the seam. You can start in a relaxed motion and then it’s a number of steps making sure you land with your dominant foot at the front”. As the reporter shows us, it’s not as easy as it looks!

Female umpires are becoming more and more involved with sport and it’s great to see, and girls’ like Eleni are the ones making this happen!

By Gracie:) 

BTN – Banjo Girl

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Taylor Pfeiffer is an ordinary 14 year old girl that plays a not so ordinary musical instrument – a banjo. She took up the instrument when she was watching “Skippy” on TV seven years ago when she heard a banjo in the theme song, she instantly wanted to learn the banjo and now has ever since. She also plays the banjo while yodelling which is a type of singing that includes changing the pitch of your voice. She has performed with many country singers like Lee Kernaghan, Kasey Chambers and the Davidson Brothers. Taylor would love to be a famous country music and bluegrass musician full time and to help achieve this goal, Taylor has received a music scholarship to her school to make sure she can do lots of practising.

By Gracie:)

BTN – Chocolate Making

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Chocolate has dated back to the ancient Aztecs in Central America when they discovered cocoa from the cacao tree. It was used as an offering to the gods and also even a form of money. The people made a very bitter tasting drink by adding ground roasted cocoa beans with water to make a liquid and in the 1500’s a Spanish explorer introduced the drink to Spain. Around 100 years later wealthy people from Europe drank the drink in places called “Chocolate Houses”.

Eventually a Dutch chocolate maker made the chocolate we can eat, he used the cocoa butter, cacao beans and sugar. Today we have chocolate factories like this one mentioned in Adelaide to do the process of chocolate making. The beans are first roasted, de-shelled and grinded to liquid in big machines. The next step is mixing the chocolate; icing sugar and milk power is also added. It is mixed in machines until the right consistency and comes out in lumps and has a gritty texture. For the chocolate to be smooth it is put though a special smoothing machine where it is rolled on twice, then mixed in huge vats over night until it is in a liquid form. The chocolate is then pumped into storage containers so it can be used before being put into a cooling room to be made to the right temperature. It is then put into moulds and pushed along a conveyer belt to be set in a cooling room. Once set the chocolate is packed into parcels for the shops and they make around 100,000 chocolate parcels a day! The secret to perfect chocolate is if it has a nice snap sound, melts in your mouth and has a smooth texture.

Chocolate is still one of the worlds favourite flavours and I love it!

By Gracie:)

Behind The News – Gold Jewellery Making

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This episode was all about the precious metal, gold. People measure gold in carats, the main amounts are 24 carat (pure gold), 18 carat (75% gold) and 9 carat gold (37% gold). Gold is made into lots of different types of jewellery such as rings, necklaces, earrings, ect. To make a ring you melt the gold under a roughly 1000 degree flame so you can pour out the right amount, then you roll the gold under a few different types of rollers, the gold is then softened under a blowtorch and bent to the right size, then you can get the right settings for any needed stones for decoration and finally the whole ring can be buffed and polished. No matter the price jewellers like Susie (the lady mentioned on the show) love to work with this precious and expensive bling!

By Gracie 🙂 


BTN Report- “The Career So Far Of Maddison Elliot”

I went to the BTN (Behind The News) website and chose this video to write about. If you want to check out BTN and the video I watched follow this link:

Maddison Elliott

The video I watched was about 14 year old swimmer, Maddison Elliott. Maddison had a stroke when she was young so she now has a brain problem called Cerebral Parsley but even though Maddison has this disease she still can swim just like if she had an able body. Maddison has competed in the Paralympics and hopes to again, she ended up winning  a bronze, silver and gold medal. She has also competed in the National Swimming Age Championships and won gold in eight of her races, and even set a world record! Maddison trains for the Paralympics eight to nine sessions a week (five afternoon and three morning). Maddison’s goal for the future is to win an individual gold medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. She is always ready for a challenge and eager to go further, so look out for Maddison Elliott soon and maybe you will catch her in the pool!