100WC Week #15 – Colour

The walls that towered us glistened in bare crystal silver. Our jewelled shoes made deep echoing sounds on the stone floor as we clutched hands searching for the treasure. Not a drop of colour was in sight, it was as if our eyes had been turned colour blind. Hallways, rooms and more rooms past but were all empty, it was like an impossible maze to the treasure. Then suddenly colourful lights appear ahead. They were coming from a room with a slightly open door. As we enter I start to gasp at the bright colours… I pick up a paintbrush

100WC Week #12 – A Letter In A Bottle

The early morning sun shone bright onto my cracked face. Sand felt like it was plastered on, so thick and heavy like a brick. My ragged clothes smelt deeply of salt and my head ached like it never had before.  I press my fleshy hands into the sand trying to move closer to the sea, but I give in with a mouthful of despair and exhaustion. What I would give to be back with my family, all I prayed for was them; and a letter in a bottle. I had not communicated with a single whisper of life for weeks.

Below is my second entry that involves the real author’s purpose:

Dear Child,

Please let me stress with you that you still have hope. Your unfortunate encounter with Typhoon Haiyan was a very distressing time, I’m sure that you will agree with me, but it has made you a stronger person. If you weep alone in places beneath the deceased your heart will never know about the spectacular vision of hope and how it heals the most impossible wounds. Tears won’t bring back your beloved, but hope will place them in your heart.

You’re not alone; others where left stranded. You’ll be okay; you’re lucky.

From a believer with much respect.


100WC Week #11 – Puzzel Trouble

The thought of remembering to finish my 500 piece puzzle struck me like a lightning bolt. It came when I was blowing bubbles in the garden, daring to go as close as possible without popping them; it was extremely hard. My little sister was dressed up as a witch as I came plummeting towards her, almost falling over as my arms pumped past my shoulders violently as I ran towards the uncompleted puzzle. I had promised to finish it before my friend came over but I knew it was going to be too late. The doorbell suddenly rang; I gulped…

100WC Week #10

It was a misty autumn morning the day I went missing. I still remember the joy of crunching leaves with my favourite pair of gumboots and staring up at the huge oak trees that towered me, dreaming that I one day would be able to fly through the tree tops with all the singing robins . When I came across an abandoned dam I felt the urge to splash about, I didn’t care about soaking myself through.

Then the man took me away for 6 years, until he pushed me into the dam he found me in. I was horrified.

100WC Week #9

The violent storm was crashing its way through the forest, not stoping for anyone or anything. Winds stormed though at atrocious speeds just like an army at the start of a battle. Rain pelted down heavily like a cloud was crying though three eyes.

Lightning lit up the sky; sparks flew themselves everywhere, like fireworks had been set off in every branch. All the life had gone away, probably somewhere far where you couldn’t even feel the thud when another tree made its way to the ground.

It couldn’t stop.

All anyone could do was to wait for a miracle.

100WC Week #8

Sly sighed; sure no one would ever turn up being the owner of the house he’d built. He slithered across the dark oak floorboards that glowed in the bright, luminous moonlight towards the cracked window and rested his body against a nearby pillar.  It was a still night; the sky was full of stars and the moon. Sly lazily let his eyes curiously crawl around the external surrounds, no one was in sight; laneways looked eerily dark. Sly slowly closed his eyes. Suddenly he heard a mysterious noise; an evil looking creature entered with a cruel, cracked – lip smile…

100WC Week #7 – Clown

Makeup drizzled down his face like tears. Smudged and colourless, face paint once painted with such love and perfection was damp and running. He felt like the loneliest person on the planet.

Somewhere in this world the clown was lost, without knowing that he still had a chance, a chance to be a happier person; to have a friend. This is because somewhere out there was another clown who also needed a friend, someone else to talk to.

No one can predict the future, but do you have feeling that by the oddest of chances these two clowns just might meet and form a friendship?

100 WC Week #6

As I looked down, I was surprised to see 81 pigeons all looking at me! They twisted and turned, blinked and perched all over the lower balcony! I squint my eyes, only to see flies; wondering where they had got to, only a second ago I had seen their approach, now it seems like they’ve all driven away in a coach! I’m confused at the most and almost bursting as my mother calls from her kitchen hearth. I stutter and flutter around like a piece of melted butter until I see 81 pigeons flying away. I shake my head and walk inside, ready to eat my supper.

By Gracie:)

100WC Week #3

I couldn’t move or breathe properly. The little air around me has been combined with all the smoke and dust. Rubble surrounds me from head to toe. I don’t call out for help because no one will hear me; really. The bombs wiped out towns for miles, I can still faintly hear them crashing down being the item of death for thousands of people.

We were all so happy, laughing together with no worries at all, but then BOOM; they came one by one. I can still hear the horrific screams.

I know I’ll die soon – I’m crushed.

And then I saw a bright light; Daylight.

100 WC Prompt#1

It was a pretty rock that was also peticulary unusual. It was bluish grey in colour with purple streaks scattered though out it’s body. It’s shadow reflected on it’s plump, medium sized figure and had it had small pink spots that formed patterns like Aboriginal dot paintings. I was sure that I would win the “Most unusual Rock” competition at the mall and I  would collect the first place prize , A shovel. Shovels were the most expensive item in the world so I really wanted to win.

I look though the frosted glass window to the streets below. Suddenly, I hear a crack coming from the rock…

By Grace:)