Valedictorian (Farewell) Speech

Welcome fellow year 6 students, parents and teachers to our year 6 graduation for 2013.

Let me just say, what a journey primary school has been; from the fantasy of Fairy Park excursion to the emotion filled preparation for the met challenges, there has never been a dull moment. It’s hard to believe that we walked our first steps at Moonee Ponds Central way back in prep around 7 years ago and now our farewells will be at Moonee Ponds Primary just in a few days.

I know that I will never forget many memories that where born here and every learning skill will be treasured. Many of us will be overloaded with new facts and understandings in the future but what Moonee Ponds has taught us will never leave our sight, it has prepared us for life, our very first building block.

I’ve never met such a talented group of kids, each with their own talent too. Each and everyone one of us is special, we all know Lauren has her amazing acrobatic skills, Bobby and his funky robot dance, Isabel and her fabulous drawing Tommy and his worm dance, the list just goes on forever.

We are all very intelligent as well as talented; two students from our former group who have left us now both received scholarships into very prestigious schools and they both started right here in prep. Julian has been shortlisted in the Victorian Writers Festival Competition earlier this year, and many students including myself have been showcased for the global weekly challenges for the 100WC that’s part of our weekly homework.

I have so many memories; right back from the start of primary school in prep. I think Friday couldn’t be Friday in years Prep – 2 without Friday fun – I’m pretty sure all the donated costumes are still there!  Ranger Dave’s many visits and holding an Olympic medal in Claire’s class, our first cabaret at the Clock tower centre in year 3 – what an experience, a big thank you again to Tatiana for assisting with the choreography for my Cup of Life performance! Fraction Chef in year 4, and the tears to the laughs for our first met challenge preparations last year.

We have never had a month without an event to remember; 4 different principals, 2 name changes and world disaster events that have impacted on all of our lives just to note a few. Over the years we have had numerous specialist teachers, each with their own special skills. What students have experienced at Moonee Ponds has made us all unique and different; I think it definitely comes out in the year 6’s since we have experienced the most.

It will be very hard leaving an adventure that had seemed to last forever, all the faces that are familiar to us will be missed and for many of us they won’t be the usual faces we’ll see every day at school next year.  But as Charles Dickens said, “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again”. It’s just like we are going back into prep except it will be entirely different, we’ll have a chance to meet new people and start fresh, how could that not sound exciting?

But our journey is definitely not over, it will go on strong until we graduate in another 6 years where we will be ready for any problem that tackles us.

So as we bid farewell tonight to Moonee Ponds Primary School, we won’t just be leaving; we’ll be leaving with hundreds of memories, lifelong friendships and with our heads held high, because we are simply Moonee Ponds Primary School’s class of 2013 and I know no one will ever forget that.

 🙂 Thankyou 🙂

Graduation Reflection

Last night on the 16th of December it was our school’s year 6 graduation. Many of us where nervous and excited since the night was all about reflecting on all of our primary school journeys and involved speeches, videos and name call outs where we had to receive our graduation scrolls. I was especially nervous since I had been chosen to read out my Valedictorian Speech in front of a large audience. All the girls were expected to wear formal dresses and shoes while the boys had to try and wear suits with black dress shoes. My dress was red and it had red lace on it and I had gold wedges for shoes.

The night started with us all being dropped off at the Moonee Valley Legends restaurant for dinner of either spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, chicken parmigiana or lasagna, I decided to have spaghetti bolognese. I sat next to  Serena and Josh but I was also very close to many of my other friends including Amelia, Julian and Eleanor. For dessert we where given vanilla icecream and fruit.

After dinner we all walked back down to our school ready to start the ceremony in the Gym. Everyone had to line up at the back door of the Gym in an alphabetical order that we had practised the previous days. Finally after a very long wait we proudly walked into the Gym greeted by our proud parents and teachers inside as we walked to take our seats.  My teacher Lee first gave an introduction before handing it over to the masters of ceremony for that night, Amelia, Jack and Julian (they are also this year’s school captain’s). Each person gave a speech and mentioned some highlights of being in the SRC and also some thank you’s. After their speeches Matt gave a speech and the long process of handing out each graduate a graduation scroll. When my turn came I was a little bit nervous but  I still felt okay, we also received presents from the teachers.

Finally my turn came – the Valedictorian Speech! I was very nervous and I kept trying to make myself more calm. I stepped up onto the stage and placed my papers on the wooden podium, I took a breath and spoke. I tried to look at the back of the room and take my time. It must of worked because I got a big applaud and lots of people congratulated me at the end of the night. After my speech it was time for the specialist awards. PE award was awarded to Tommy, Visual arts award was awarded to Sozoe, Italian award was awarded to Lilly, Performing Arts award was awarded to Stephanie and finally the Buddies award was awarded to Luke. After the specialist awards the more prestigious awards called the achievement awards where handed out. The Excellence award was awarded to Eleanor, the achievement award was awarded to Julian and finally the DUX award was awarded to Amelia.

It suddenly came the time to do the surprise item – our final farewell. That’s all I’m going to say…

After that Liz made a speech and the night concluded in the foyer with chocolate cake, tea and opening our presents!

By Gracie 🙂

100WC Week #15 – Colour

The walls that towered us glistened in bare crystal silver. Our jewelled shoes made deep echoing sounds on the stone floor as we clutched hands searching for the treasure. Not a drop of colour was in sight, it was as if our eyes had been turned colour blind. Hallways, rooms and more rooms past but were all empty, it was like an impossible maze to the treasure. Then suddenly colourful lights appear ahead. They were coming from a room with a slightly open door. As we enter I start to gasp at the bright colours… I pick up a paintbrush

Maths Mate Term Four Sheet Eight Question #22

Predict: I predict that this problem will involve money, amounts and comparing.

Read: “Which  deal costs less per millilitre? A) 75c for 500 mL B) $2 for 2L”

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: Out of the two deals, which one will end up costing less per millilitre?

Strategy: “Write an Equation” (For more strategies check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page, here is the link: Enjoy!)

Solving Procedure: Firstly I instantly knew that if it was $2 for 2L then it would be $1 for 1L. To work out how much option A was I timed 75 by 2 and got 150. So it would cost $1.50 for 1L for option A and option B was $1 so the answer would be option B.

Summary: In the end I got the answer of option B and used my estimated strategies and my prediction was also correct.

By Gracie 🙂


BTN – Eureka Stockade

To watch the video I watched follow this link: Enjoy!

On the 3rd of December this year it was the anniversary of the famous Australian history event – the Eureka Stockade. The Eureka Stockade was a fight between miners, police and soldiers in Ballarat, Victoria at a mining camp.

The fight was caused by miners wanting to have a there own rights and democracy on the mining fields and get rid of the silly rule to have a mining licence. The rebellion involved hundreds of thousands of miners burning their licences and raising their very own flag, the start of the Australian flag with the Eureka star. Soon after, the battle began, the miners had built a wooden stockade in the camp and where ready for battle. Even though it was a short battle, 22 miners and 8 soldiers ended up dying.

The rebellion is well and truly over now but the location of the Eureka Stockade now holds Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill, a renactment  of the past  based on 1850 gold rush and Eureka Stockade. Its a great place for camps and excursions as the kids in the video explained. You get to be fully hands on and live the strict life of a child from that period, going to school and playing games are just some of the highlights.

Some people say that the Eureka Stockade was a very important step for Australian democracy and our its one of our history’s most dramatic events. What do you think?

Maths Mate Term Four Sheet Seven Question #22

Predict: I predict this problem will involve problem solving, numbers and comparing skills.

Read: “Which deal costs less per litre? A) $32 for 4L B) $8.50 for 1L”

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: Out of the two options, what deal on litres cost less per litre?

Strategies: “Write an Equation” and “Do I know a Similar Problem” (For more strategies, check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page. Here is the link: Enjoy!) 

 Solving Procedure: Firstly, to work out how much option A would cost I divided 32 by 4, I got 8. Now knowing that option A was $8 per litre I instantly knew it was cheaper than option B because it said that it was $8.50 per litre.

Summary: In the end I got the answer of option A and used my estimated strategies, my prediction was also correct.

By Gracie 🙂


BTN – Toy Story

To watch the video I watched, follow this link: Enjoy!

You may not know that there has been lots of thought on how many leading toy shops are making an obvious  differences between toys meant for boys and toys meant for girls. Usually, girls toys are pink while boys are blue and toy shops have areas just meant for each gender, but some people believe this is not right though because every child is different – and they like different toys as well. Among these people is 4 year-old Riley she thinks toy stores are tricking costumers by colouring girls toys in pink and boys toys in blue, even companies have just decided to group girls toys with beauty, fashion, housecleaning while boys toys are grouped with building stuff, fixing, fighting and even saving the world.

Around the world toy shops are stating to make there toys more unisex and just mix all the toys together without separate areas for boys and girls. Some Australian mums have even started campaigning to make the change happen in Australia as well.

Many people have lots of different opinions on this, some even just don’t care because its just child play if you think about it.

 What do you think? I would love to know so please comment your opinions and feel free to share!

By Gracie 🙂

100WC Week #12 – A Letter In A Bottle

The early morning sun shone bright onto my cracked face. Sand felt like it was plastered on, so thick and heavy like a brick. My ragged clothes smelt deeply of salt and my head ached like it never had before.  I press my fleshy hands into the sand trying to move closer to the sea, but I give in with a mouthful of despair and exhaustion. What I would give to be back with my family, all I prayed for was them; and a letter in a bottle. I had not communicated with a single whisper of life for weeks.

Below is my second entry that involves the real author’s purpose:

Dear Child,

Please let me stress with you that you still have hope. Your unfortunate encounter with Typhoon Haiyan was a very distressing time, I’m sure that you will agree with me, but it has made you a stronger person. If you weep alone in places beneath the deceased your heart will never know about the spectacular vision of hope and how it heals the most impossible wounds. Tears won’t bring back your beloved, but hope will place them in your heart.

You’re not alone; others where left stranded. You’ll be okay; you’re lucky.

From a believer with much respect.


Term 4 Forensic Scientist Project – Alexandre Lacassange

Alexandre Lacassange was a devoted and intelligent man when it came to forensic science – he studied it, taught it and most of all took it to a whole new level. He was born on August 17th, 1843 in Cahors, France and studied at the military school in Strasbourg, where he was recognised as a brilliant medical student after his exam. He was much respected and articulate; one of his cases was even recognised as the cause of the birth of forensic science.  He worked in the military hospital, Vel- De-Grace in Paris and for many years as a professor in forensic medicine at the University of Lyons gaining many chairs.

  When he was a professor he taught many well-known forensic scientists who were just learning the ropes then, including Edmond Lochard who was the founder of the first forensic science laboratory. At the same time he also participated in lots of forensic investigations and was a consultant plus expert in many criminal trials all over his country.  Even though he had a professorship, being a member of Military Health Service he was sent to North Africa to improve his knowledge even further in clinical medicine.

Alexandre was a specialist in the field of toxicology and one of the first to develop a bloodstain pattern analysis, he was even the very first person to study bullet markings and any relations they had to any other weapons. He found out the relation where a bloodstain was found in a crime scene and what the crime might have been and the position of it. To find out the relations between bullets and there weapons, he examined the bullet, and counted and compared the number of lands and grooves.

Alexandre was also involved in founding his own criminology school; it was called Lacassange School of Criminology. Alexandre was influenced by his main rival, Lombroso’s Italian School and the Lacassange School was influent from 1885. It taught both areas of criminology that was current at the time, “bio psychological” that focused on the importance of individual traits and making a difference between honest citizens and criminals, while the other area focused on the social factors. Most schools only focused on one area, so the Lacassange School was much more complex and sophisticated.


Later on in his life, Lacassange became a teacher for forensic medicine in Lyon Faculty of Medicine. Around this time in 1899, he was called to help solve the strange “Affair Gouffé” case (a 19th century murder in France), this instantly made him famous globally mainly because of his modern forensic techniques that definitely shook the whole forensic world, and we still use them today. Soon after this case he wrote the book “Annales d’anthropologie criminelles” (In English this means “Annals of criminal anthropology”) which also was followed by other forensic science books.


Without Alexandre Lacassange’s work in Forensic Science we may still have trouble recognising important characteristics in blood stains, and how we can match a bullet marking to its weapon.

To listen to me read my speech click here: Alexandre Lacassange Speech Enjoy!



By Gracie 🙂

Maths Mate Term Four Sheet Six Question #24

Predict: I predict this problem will involve multiplication, numbers and missing numbers.

Read: “Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.”

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: What digits go in the boxes that also fit into the multiplication sum?

Strategies: “Have I seen a similar problem” (For more strategies, check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page, here is the link: Enjoy!)

Solving Procedure: Firstly I did the sum of 6 x 3 which equalled 18 so I put the 8 in the available box and carried the 1. Next I knew that I had a carried 1 and the bottom number in the answer section had to be a 3 so I put 4 in the next available box and did the sum 3 x 4 + 1 I got 13, so I then carried the 1. Finally I did the last sum of 3 x 2 + 1 and got seven so I put 7 in the last available box.

Summary: In the end I completed the multiplication sum and used my estimated strategy. My predictions were also correct!

By Gracie 🙂