All About Me

Name: Grace

D.O.B: 14/10/2001

Siblings: Two brothers aged 9 and 8

Pets: One labrador called “Honey”

Hobbies/Interests: Netball, stationary, books, dark chocolate, horses, movies and shopping

Favourite Colour: Light Pink and baby blue

My Strengths: I am a good speller. I am good at being Goal Attack in netball. I’m great at Writing. I love to read and I’m a good friend.

One thought on “All About Me

  1. Hi Grace!!! I hope that you are having a great holiday so far. Did you know that I started netball last year. It’s really fun. I recently tried out for the year six netball team but I unfortunately didn’t get into it. I Usually play goal shooter and once I shot five goals in a game. I thInk that we used to play the violin together. When I moved schools I changed to cello. I just did my first grade exam. I hope you are well. Love Jazzy.

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