Graduation Reflection

Last night on the 16th of December it was our school’s year 6 graduation. Many of us where nervous and excited since the night was all about reflecting on all of our primary school journeys and involved speeches, videos and name call outs where we had to receive our graduation scrolls. I was especially nervous since I had been chosen to read out my Valedictorian Speech in front of a large audience. All the girls were expected to wear formal dresses and shoes while the boys had to try and wear suits with black dress shoes. My dress was red and it had red lace on it and I had gold wedges for shoes.

The night started with us all being dropped off at the Moonee Valley Legends restaurant for dinner of either spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, chicken parmigiana or lasagna, I decided to have spaghetti bolognese. I sat next to  Serena and Josh but I was also very close to many of my other friends including Amelia, Julian and Eleanor. For dessert we where given vanilla icecream and fruit.

After dinner we all walked back down to our school ready to start the ceremony in the Gym. Everyone had to line up at the back door of the Gym in an alphabetical order that we had practised the previous days. Finally after a very long wait we proudly walked into the Gym greeted by our proud parents and teachers inside as we walked to take our seats.  My teacher Lee first gave an introduction before handing it over to the masters of ceremony for that night, Amelia, Jack and Julian (they are also this year’s school captain’s). Each person gave a speech and mentioned some highlights of being in the SRC and also some thank you’s. After their speeches Matt gave a speech and the long process of handing out each graduate a graduation scroll. When my turn came I was a little bit nervous but  I still felt okay, we also received presents from the teachers.

Finally my turn came – the Valedictorian Speech! I was very nervous and I kept trying to make myself more calm. I stepped up onto the stage and placed my papers on the wooden podium, I took a breath and spoke. I tried to look at the back of the room and take my time. It must of worked because I got a big applaud and lots of people congratulated me at the end of the night. After my speech it was time for the specialist awards. PE award was awarded to Tommy, Visual arts award was awarded to Sozoe, Italian award was awarded to Lilly, Performing Arts award was awarded to Stephanie and finally the Buddies award was awarded to Luke. After the specialist awards the more prestigious awards called the achievement awards where handed out. The Excellence award was awarded to Eleanor, the achievement award was awarded to Julian and finally the DUX award was awarded to Amelia.

It suddenly came the time to do the surprise item – our final farewell. That’s all I’m going to say…

After that Liz made a speech and the night concluded in the foyer with chocolate cake, tea and opening our presents!

By Gracie 🙂

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