Maths Mate Term Four Sheet Eight Question #22

Predict: I predict that this problem will involve money, amounts and comparing.

Read: “Which  deal costs less per millilitre? A) 75c for 500 mL B) $2 for 2L”

Clarify: nothing to clarify

What’s the BIG Question?: Out of the two deals, which one will end up costing less per millilitre?

Strategy: “Write an Equation” (For more strategies check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page, here is the link: Enjoy!)

Solving Procedure: Firstly I instantly knew that if it was $2 for 2L then it would be $1 for 1L. To work out how much option A was I timed 75 by 2 and got 150. So it would cost $1.50 for 1L for option A and option B was $1 so the answer would be option B.

Summary: In the end I got the answer of option B and used my estimated strategies and my prediction was also correct.

By Gracie 🙂


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