BTN – Eureka Stockade

To watch the video I watched follow this link: Enjoy!

On the 3rd of December this year it was the anniversary of the famous Australian history event – the Eureka Stockade. The Eureka Stockade was a fight between miners, police and soldiers in Ballarat, Victoria at a mining camp.

The fight was caused by miners wanting to have a there own rights and democracy on the mining fields and get rid of the silly rule to have a mining licence. The rebellion involved hundreds of thousands of miners burning their licences and raising their very own flag, the start of the Australian flag with the Eureka star. Soon after, the battle began, the miners had built a wooden stockade in the camp and where ready for battle. Even though it was a short battle, 22 miners and 8 soldiers ended up dying.

The rebellion is well and truly over now but the location of the Eureka Stockade now holds Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill, a renactment  of the past  based on 1850 gold rush and Eureka Stockade. Its a great place for camps and excursions as the kids in the video explained. You get to be fully hands on and live the strict life of a child from that period, going to school and playing games are just some of the highlights.

Some people say that the Eureka Stockade was a very important step for Australian democracy and our its one of our history’s most dramatic events. What do you think?

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