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You may not know that there has been lots of thought on how many leading toy shops are making an obvious  differences between toys meant for boys and toys meant for girls. Usually, girls toys are pink while boys are blue and toy shops have areas just meant for each gender, but some people believe this is not right though because every child is different – and they like different toys as well. Among these people is 4 year-old Riley she thinks toy stores are tricking costumers by colouring girls toys in pink and boys toys in blue, even companies have just decided to group girls toys with beauty, fashion, housecleaning while boys toys are grouped with building stuff, fixing, fighting and even saving the world.

Around the world toy shops are stating to make there toys more unisex and just mix all the toys together without separate areas for boys and girls. Some Australian mums have even started campaigning to make the change happen in Australia as well.

Many people have lots of different opinions on this, some even just don’t care because its just child play if you think about it.

 What do you think? I would love to know so please comment your opinions and feel free to share!

By Gracie 🙂

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