100WC Week #12 – A Letter In A Bottle

The early morning sun shone bright onto my cracked face. Sand felt like it was plastered on, so thick and heavy like a brick. My ragged clothes smelt deeply of salt and my head ached like it never had before.  I press my fleshy hands into the sand trying to move closer to the sea, but I give in with a mouthful of despair and exhaustion. What I would give to be back with my family, all I prayed for was them; and a letter in a bottle. I had not communicated with a single whisper of life for weeks.

Below is my second entry that involves the real author’s purpose:

Dear Child,

Please let me stress with you that you still have hope. Your unfortunate encounter with Typhoon Haiyan was a very distressing time, I’m sure that you will agree with me, but it has made you a stronger person. If you weep alone in places beneath the deceased your heart will never know about the spectacular vision of hope and how it heals the most impossible wounds. Tears won’t bring back your beloved, but hope will place them in your heart.

You’re not alone; others where left stranded. You’ll be okay; you’re lucky.

From a believer with much respect.


2 thoughts on “100WC Week #12 – A Letter In A Bottle

  1. Hello,
    There is no connection to the challenge prompt for week 12. There are no words of support or encouragement in the submission.
    Ms. Felton (Team 100)

    • I appreciate your comment Ms. Felton. I have written a second entry under my original post that I have made suit the correct author’s purpose for the 100WC post. Please feel free to read it and thankyou again for commenting.
      Grace 🙂

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