Spelling City Sentences – List # Forensic Science B

This week my words were: Investigator, pathologist, ultraviolet, dissection, imitation, physician, identification, inflammation, explosives, fingerprinting, handwriting, laboratory, analysis, profiling, subconscious, examination, scalpel and oxygen. I didn’t find a spelling skill, but I noticed that all these words were related to this term’s integrated topic – Forensic Science.

Here are sentences with my spelling words in them:

The investigator was called by the police to help solve the crime.

My mum is studying to be a pathologist.

The sun’s rays have lots of Ultraviolet light in them.

In her science class, she had to do a dissection of a frog.

This is an imitation of the real evidence.

My brother had to see a physician yesterday at the hospital.

You can check my identification on my passport.

Her wound had lots of inflammation and looked very sore.

Those explosives are banned in this country!

At the police station, I saw the officers fingerprinting the criminals they had caught.

They found two samples of handwriting that looked exactly the same.

At school we opened the new laboratory.

They had to take an analysis of the information.

When the investigator was profiling me, he asked questions in much detail.

The boy’s dream last night was caused by his brain’s subconscious.

The criminal had a full body examination.

A doctor has many instruments, including a scalpel.

We need oxygen so we can live and survive.

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